Outdoor Training

Organisation of Outdoor Training

  1. P.T. :-

(a)     P.T. Tables No 1 to 5.
(b)     Cross country.
(c)     Obstacle crossing.
(d)     Yoga.

  1. Toughing (Road March).
  2. Drill (without arms and with arms).
  3. Rifles exercise (Day and Night).
  4. Night Firing.
  5. Guard Duty.
  6. Crowd control.

(a)     Lathi.
(b)     Cane Shield.
(c)     Tear Gas.

  1. Traffic Signals.
  2. Field Craft (Practical).
  3. Tactics (Practical).
  4. V.I.P. duty.
  5. U.A.C.
  6. Handling of various weapons.
  7. Explosives.
  8. Handling & defusing of explosives.
  9. Demonstration on various subjects. By giving demonstration on Raid, ambush, terrorists attack, Naka Bandi, Crowd control formation. V.I.P. Security, Un-Armed Combat, Musketry, Rifle exercise, Lathi fighting etc.